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La Incubadora Creativa presenta con mucho orgullo como Creativa del Mes en nuestro portal a Flor Delgado de Ni|BEACHWEAR quien es egresada de nuestro Programa de Inmersión. El pasado mes de junio fue de gran importancia para Flor ya que fue descubierta a través de su página de e-commerce o comercio en línea por la revista  Condé Nast Travell, edición británica, quienes incluyen en su edición de junio de 2018 fotos de su colección de ropa resort. Además llegó a  semifinalista del concurso Enterprize del Grupo Guayacán para recibir una aportación económica para continuar el desarrollo de Ni|BEACHWEAR , por 

lo cual la felicitamos,  esperamos que llegue a la ronda final y sea una de las ganadoras.  A continuación conozcamos a Flor en sus propias palabras y también para escucharla en un vídeo favor de pulsar aquí.


I’m 28. I was born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Studied Business Administration at the University of Puerto Rico Rico and then Fashion Marketing at Parsons the New School for Design. I lived in New York, Miami and moved back to Mayagüez to start Ni|BEACHWEAR. I’m a huge animal lover and my happy place is in Rincón. I love reading either business books or biographies. Strong believer in never stopping learning about new things and trying to live life as consciously as possible.

Ni|BEACHWEAR is a sustainable, luxury brand that combines beachwear with resortwear to create versatile pieces. We focus on a sophisticated minimalist design, inspired by the authentic island life of Puerto Rico. We’ve aimed to create
a brand that’s luxury ethical fashion, by keeping sustainability and design at the core.

We design and manufacture everything in Puerto Rico and use fabrics printed by local artisan. We’ve also committed part of our proceeds from every sale to donate to Colitas Sonrientes Inc. to help Puerto Rico’s homeless animals.
Ni|BEACHWEAR’s designs are minimalistic in nature with a luxurious, laid-back aesthetic. It’s meant to be effortless and unique at the same time.


Libros favoritos de Flor en su área de especialidad:


Fashion Branding Unraveled- Kaled K. Hameide


Jab Jab Right Hook- How to tell your story in a noisy social world - Gary Vaynerchuk


Libros favoritos de Flor en general:


The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now -Meg Jay

A long way gone -memoirs of a child soldier- Ishmael Beah

Blogs favoritos de Flor:


Song of Style

Sincerely Jules

Atlantic Pacific

Paula Ordovás

Podcasts favoritos de Flor :


WSJ-Secrets of wealthy women | Ted Talks 

Portales que Flor visita con frecuencia:




Business of Fashion

The Cut

Creativos que Flor admira:


Stella McCartney

Tory Burch

Conferencia que recomienda:


Premiére Vision

Personas que han influido en su vida profesional:


Flor Delgado, my mom, showed me tenacity and strong will


Blake Mycoskie, you can create a successful company that makes a positive difference in the world.

Lecciones aprendidas a través de su trayectoria profesional


To focus, be determined, learn as much as possible from as many people as possible and always be grateful 

Retos superados en su vida profesional:


To embrace risk and start my own company


Mayores logros en su vida profesional:


To intern with Tory Burch and Donna Karan

To launch Ni|BEACHWEAR


Metas inmediatas en su vida profesional:


I’m currently a semifinalist at Enterprize 2018 from Grupo Guayacán and hope to win one of the prizes and learn as much as possible from this opportunity. To tap into the US Market with Ni|BEACHWEAR.

Aspiraciones futuras en su vida profesional:


To grow Ni|BEACHWEAR into a well-known international brand, offer quality, luxury ethical fashion and create significant change in PR’s homeless animal population through the success of Ni|BEACHWEAR. 

Consejos a creativos que comienzan:


To intern with startups and well-established companies. From start ups you learn a lot about running a business and what it takes to grow a new brand with little resources. From a well-established brand you learn to think in a global perspective, determine where your aspirations for your brand are and chase them, it can be done. 

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